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Steven Horne

Steven Horne is professional member and recent past president of the American Herbalists Guild (AHG) and a professional member of the International Iridology Practitioner’s Association (IIPA).  He has also served on the board of directors of both organizations.

An herbalist, natural health teacher, author, and consultant, his work has taken him all over the United States and Canada and to several foreign countries, including Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, England and Mainland China to share this wealth of knowledge. He has spoken at HerbFest, Whole Foods Expo, Clayton College’s annual conference, AHG’s annual symposium, and numerous conventions and conferences. He is a popular speaker and students find what he teaches is practical and easy to understand and apply.

Steven is the author of numerous books and course on natural healing, including: Coming Clean: Your Guide to Detoxification, Constitutional Iridology, The Endocrine Symphony, The Comprehensive Guide to Nature’s Sunshine Products and his latest release, The Heart’s Key to Health, Happiness and Success.  His Certified Herbal Consultant course consists of eight correspondence courses designed to teach people how to help others improve their health with commercial herbal products and nutritional supplements.  He is currently developing an Advanced Herbal Training program with Thomas Easley, another professional member of the AHG.  Steven has also produced over 50 videos and DVDs on natural healing.

Steven has been a consultant and product formulator for several herb companies, including Nature’s Sunshine Products, Tri-Light, Limited Edition and Cedar Bear Naturals. Steven is the founder Tree of Light Publishing, an educational organization dedicated to helping people to heal themselves on all levels by incorporating physical, mental, and emotional modalities. Tree of Light offers professional courses, charts, books, videos and other educational materials on natural health care. Recently he started the School of Modern Herbal Medicine, which is dedicated to “excellence in herbal education.”  He also offers personal health consultations through ABC Herbs in St. George, UT.

Content Posted by Steven Horne

Health is a Blessing

Health is a Blessing is a book I wrote years ago about the teachings of Mormon scriptures and leaders about health.  Even if you aren't a Mormon, the book provides some interesting ideas about health. These teachings had a great influence on the resurgence of modern herbal medicine.  John Christopher, Stan Malstrom, LaDean Griffin and a number of other Mormons were responsible for what created much of the modern herbal industry in my home state of Utah.

Strait is the Gate

This is a book I wrote when I was a member of the Mormon Church.  It is about the spiritual rebirth one has to have to come to know God. Although it was written for Mormons, many of my Christian friends have also enjoyed it.

Beauty: A High Standard

To anyone who has suffered humiliation, ridicule or social rejection because of a physical health problem (acne, hair loss, excess weight, etc.) the idea that beauty could be a standard for judging anything will probably strike a sensitive spot. If we were talking about rejecting another human being by denying them our goodwill on such shallow grounds, I am in full agreement. But, this does not mean that beauty doesn't mean something. Beauty is a standard we can look to, and I want to discuss its meaning on three different levels—physical health, character or personality, and our relationship to nature and the Divine.

Blame It On Hormones

The Biological Differences
Between Men and Women

Contrary to what some people teach, the differences between men and women are biological in nature and understanding how we are different can lead to greater understanding, tolerance and respect on both sides. This article is about those differences.

Liberating Femininity

It's Time to Recognize That
Feelings are as Valid as Logic

In our society, thinking is viewed as the source of everything.  We are commonly taught that everything starts with thinking, hence the admonition to "think positively."  However, we were feeling creatures before we were thinking creatures.  Women, who tend to be more in tune with their feelings are often made to feel that being equal to a man means having to sacrifice their emotions and be more logical.  This isn't the case.  Feelings are equally important to thinking and until we value feelings as much as we value thinking, we will not fully respect or value femininity.

Seven Steps to Effective Prayer

Prayer is an important part of my life and I believe very strongly that there is a God and that he both hears and answers our prayers when we pray in faith. I've had some marvelous blessings given to me as a result of prayer and I believe that the whole "law of attraction" principle (that we reap what we sow) to connected to the principle of prayer. The vibration we put out from out soul is a form of prayer that is always being answered. Over the years, I've learned seven principles that have helped me pray in a way that my prayers get answered and I'd like to share them with you.

The Incredible Value of Making Mistakes

We've been taught that making mistakes makes us bad, but this isn't true.  Not only does everyone make mistakes, making mistakes is actually an important part of the learning process.

My Visions of the Future

If You're Concerned About What's
Happening in Our Country, Read This

This article tells about the spiritual experiences I had when I was young which propelled me into the study of herbs and natural healing.  But, these spiritual experiences did a lot more than that.  They also prompted me on a journey of discovery that has lead me to numerous other skills and information that I believe people need to navigate through the difficult times that lie ahead.  As I am seeing the things that I was shown start to be fulfilled, I realize that I have a responsibility to share what I know, not as a message of doom and gloom, but as a message of hope.  Because I've not only been shown some of the dark things that will shortly happen in our society, I've also been shown what I can do about it.  This article marks the beginning of my commitment to start sharing (as Paul Harvey used to say) "the rest of the story..."

The Tree of Sefirot of Kabbalah

This webinar I did with my friend Roylon Mortensen explains the Tree of Life model that I based my emotional anatomy system on for emotional healing.  My understanding of this model has colored the way I process and present information in general.  Roylon has a blog where you can learn more about his work.

Welcome to my New Website

In order to keep my website and my website devoted strictly to natural healing, I'm revising my personal website so I can put articles, webinars and other information on anything else that interests me.


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