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Spiritual Connection

After I finished the fourth Prophesy and Preparedness webinar on following the guidance of the still, small voice, I felt a sense of incompletion.  I felt like I had rushed through the material so much as to not have made all the points that I had hoped to make or share all the stories I'd hoped to share.

Listening to the voice of the Spirit is at the core of my life and I firmly believe that every person on earth has the ability to tune-in to the voice of God and recieve direct instruction pertaining to their lives. I often feel frustrated about organized religion because it's all words.  It's the living Spirit of God that gives words power and that flows not from the mind, but the heart. 

I truly believe with what is coming that only those who take the Holy Spirit as their guide will find the protection and help they desire.  Anything I can teach about preparedness is only general and every situation will be different. Each area of the country is prone to different problems.  I'm unlikely to experience floods, hurricanes or tornados where I live, but brush fires and earthquakes are a real potential problem.  Each situation is different, which is why preparedness should be a combination of study, prayer and preparation.

I'd like to redo this webinar, possibly expanding it into three so I can really give this subject the time and energy it requires, but I decided to post it anyway because I won't have time to redo it right away and the information is still valuable.  I hope that you derive benefit from it in its current form.


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