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Professional Credentials

Here are some of my professional credentials.

Professional Experience

1986-Present—Kether-One, Inc.
dba Tree of Light (

dba School of Modern Herbal Medicine (

In 1986, Steven founded the business now known as Kether-One, Inc. with $100 in capital. He started by marketing audio tapes and a newsletter called Nature's Field to train Nature's Sunshine Managers and Distributors in natural health care. Although the business has undergone several name and business structure changes since that day, Tree of Light, the major division of Kether-One continues to be a major source of third-party literature for people selling Nature's Sunshine Products. It is now branching out offering natural health educational materials for the general marketplace. Kether-One offers books, courses, videos, charts, software and periodicals.
Today, Steven is the president and principle owner of Kether-One. He writes, edits and/or produces most of the companies products, as well as managing the company.

2002-Present—The Herb Guy, LLC.
dba ABC Herbs

This wellness center is where Steven currently provides personal consultations for clients. He is available for telephone consultations and in-person consultations by appointment only. More information about consultations with Steven may be found in the consultations section of this website. A listing of some of the product lines Steven uses in his consulting work is found in under the category Recommendations: Health Products.

2001-2005—International Iridology Practioner's Association (IIPA)
Steven served on the Board of Directors for the International Iridology Practioner's Association and acted as Treasurer for that organization.

1994-2002—American Herbalists Guild
For four years, Steven served on the Governing Council (Board of Directors) for the American Herbalists Guild. This was followed by four years of volunteer work as President of the organization. As a Board Member, Steven helped with updating the bylaws and legal aspects. As President, Steven helped the Guild recover from a difficult period and become a financially-sound organization. Under his direction the Guild assets increased nearly 20-fold and membership doubled. After serving as secretary for six months, Steven took a break from Guild work, although he continues to consult with Guild leaders.

1999-2002—Nature's Sunshine Products
As a consultant to Nature's Sunshine Products during this period, Steven developed the ABC+D charts for the School of Natural Health and Leadership Development programs. He also helped with the development of the Natural Health Consultant (NHC) program and taught one of the classes in that program.

1991-2000—Tri-Light/Limited Edition/Cedar Bear Naturals
During this period Steven helped to form three companies which marketed herbal products using the TincTract process Steven co-developed with L. Carl Robinson. Steven formulated herbal products for all three companies, helped with marketing and management. Because his major interest is in education, Steven is not currently an owner in any of these companies, although all three are still in existence.

1990-1993—Herbal Express
Steven co-founded this herb shop in Payson, UT and provided personal consultations for individuals seeking natural solutions to health problems.

1984-1990—Nature's Sunshine Products
Four three years Steven worked as the editor of corporate publications, including Sunshine Horizons. In his second year, he started traveling and lecturing at herb conferences for NSP Managers. During his final three years, he taught Manager School, a program that trained the NSP sales force in the fundamentals of herbology, iridology, muscle testing, glandular body typing and nutrition. He founded NSP's Distributor School program and Sales Training Department, devolped their "Body System's Approach" to marketing nutritional supplements, including the Lifestyle Analsysis. While working with NSP, he traveled all over the United States and Canada and in several foreign countries, including Maylasia, Australia, New Zealand, England and mainland China. In his travels, he was able to gathered healing information from many experienced clinical herbalists.

1983—International Academy of Lymphology
For about one year Steven worked full-time with Dr. C. Samuel West at the International Academy of Lymphology, teaching about health and disease at the cellular level. He also helped with that organization's newsletter.

1980-1982—Institute for Creative and Natural Studies
For two years Steven worked part-time with Master Herbalist Edward Milo Millet helping him develop an herbology training program and an herbal product line.

Education and Training

1980—Bachelor's Degree in Speech Communications from Brigham Young University.
1981—Certified Herbalist from the Institute for Creative and Natural Studies.
1983—Certified and Registered Lymphologist with the International Acadamy of Lymphology.
1986—Completed Touch for Health I and Brain Gym I.
1987—Studied Michael Teirra’s EastWest Herbalist course.
1990—Studied Hakim Chisti’s Sufi Healing and Aromatherapy Practitioner’s Courses.
1984-present—Attended dozens of herbal and natural healing conferences, read hundreds of books on herbs, natural health care and orthodox medicine.
2002—Certified Iridologist with the International Iridology Practitioner's Association.

Professional Associations
Professional member of the International Iridolgoy Practioner's Association.
Professional member of the American Herbalist’s Guild.

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