An Interesting View of Prophecy


I don't claim to be a prophet, although I've had a big interest in prophesy since I was in my teens and I've studied a lot of prophesies, including Biblical prophesies, Native American prophecies and others. In the course of my studies I had some interesting insights into the meaning of certain Biblical prophecies that is quite different than those commonly espoused. 

I was explaining these to a friend the other day and he said he really wanted that information and I've been thinking that maybe some other people would like to hear it, too.  So, I did this webinar. I don't claim I'm "right," but I think my insights are worthy of consideration for those interested in this topic. 

Of course, this has nothing to do with natural healing, but I thought it would be enjoyable to share this information with anyone interested.  So, if this sort of thing is of interest to you, watch this webinar as I discuss how Biblical prophecies might relate to what's happening in the world, right now. In particular, I explain why I believe that the Old Testament contains prophecies about America.

You can view this video on YouTube:



You can download the handouts I created for this webinar Here: Prophecy Webinar Handouts.

This webinar was follows by a series of webinars I did called Prophecy and Preparedness. The link the the series is below: