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Afterthoughts on the first Prophesy and Preparedness Webinar

I just finished the first webinar in my Prophesy and Preparedness series.  This webinar was the continuation of my An Interesting View of Prophesy webinar in which I put forth the premise that the Old Testament prophesies that American (and probably her allies) will be attacked by China (and her allies).  This is found in Ezekiel 37-39.  Most people think that this is a prophesy about a war against the modern nation of Israel (which is the gathering place of the Jews) in the last days.  There will be a war against the Jews who have gathered to the ancient land of Palestine and this is prophesied in Zechariah 12. However, the war discussed in Ezekiel is not against Judah (or the Jews) but against Israel (the descendants of the lost 10 tribes and the seed of Joseph, Ephraim and Manasseh). 

I don't want to repeat everything I talk about in these two webinars, but I do want to elaborate on a few points.

First, when one understands that the most of the people living in Europe and America are the literal descendants of Jacob's 12 sons, then one sees that God actually did fulfill his promises to Abraham, Issac and Jacob that he would multiply their offspring exceedingly and make great nations out of them, blessing them with wealth, prosperity, military power and other great blessings in the last days. Through other Old Testament promises, God promised that even though he "divorced" Ephraim (and the other tribes associated with them) because they broke his ancient covenant, that he would make a new covenant with them whereby he would write his law on their hearts. (Jeremiah 31:31-34)

Jesus said that he had come to minister unto "the lost sheep of the house of Israel" and told his disciples to go and minister to these lost sheep.  (Matthew 14:24 and 10:6) This they did and the nations that largely heard this message and converted to Christianity were the nations of Europe. This alone confirms that the nations of Europe were largely inhabited by the descendants of the northern kingdom of Israel, who received the new covenant that God had promised (even if they weren't always faithful to it).

So, the primary thing I wanted to do in these first webinars is to wake up people of European descent as to who they really are.  Israel was not lost to God, they were lost to themselves, not knowning who they really were and what the promises God made to them were.  As Isaiah foretold, "The ox knoweth his owner, and the ass his master’s acrib: but Israel doth not know, my people doth not consider." If we are the descendants of the lost ten tribes then were have been the heirs of the promises made to Abraham, Issac and Jacob. 

In my zeal to try to show that this is the case and how the scriptures have at least been partially fulfiled concerning us, I feel I left out a few important points.

First, the scriptures make clear that God fulfilled these prophesies to glorify himself, not to glorify us. If we allow ourselves to think that because we are the descendants of Joseph and the other lost tribes that it makes us better than people of other races or cultures, we are sadly mistaken. We are heirs to these blessings because of the righteous choices of our forefathers, but these things were done so that God could show us that he has the power to do what He says He will do so we will turn to Him and have faith in Him.

Jesus said, "For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required: and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more." (See Luke 12:48)  Because we have been blessed so much we are also expected to do much. God said that He would bless all nations of the earth through the descendants of Abraham.  If we are not being a blessing to all, we are not in alignment with His will. We are as salt that hath lost its savor and are not good for anything.

So, if you do wake up and realize that we are the heirs of these promises, I want to make sure you understand that this is no cause for us to become lifted up in pride. Jesus taught that if we wanted to be great we must become the least and the servant of all.  God cannot work through us if we are proud.  He can only work through us if we are humble.

Second, I also wanted to point out that the scriptures teach that all those who accept God's promises are adopted into the house of Israel.  In other words, anyone who seeks to live God's laws becomes part of the family of Israel.  The opposite is also true.  If we fail to keep our covenants, we are "cut off" and severed from those promised blessings. So, even if you are not a literal descendant of the 12 tribes of Israel, you become a descendant when you seek to obey God.  So, there is a literal Israel (the actual descendants of Jacob) and a spiritual Israel (those who seek to obey God's laws). 

The blessings to the literal descendants of Israel are unconditional.  The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob or Israel did these things to prove to all the nations (families) of the earth that He was the one true God.  The blessings of spiritual Israel are conditioned upon our willingness to obey God.

Thirdly, I wish to stress again that I know how imperfect I am, and how imperfect my understanding of these things is. But, I believe whole-heartedly that God wants all people to be free and that His kingdom is one of love, freedom, peace and prosperity.  I believe that the nation as a whole has turned from these principles.  Few Americans understand the Constitution or the spiritual principles that America was founded on, and even fewer understand that these principles came from Christianity and are part of Christ's work to bring salvation to the children of men.

There is so much to this that I hardly know where to begin to try to share it.  I encourage you to read the scriptures, to pray and to seek wisdom from God for yourself. I also encourage you to read some of the books I recommend in the webinar to see for yourself if these things are true. There are book reviews on this website. 

Finally, I can absolutely testify to the truth of what Jesus said, "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you." (Matthew 7:7 and Luke 11:9)  I know by my own experience that God answers prayers when we seek Him with all our heart.

This means that I don't want people relying on my for their answers. God told me once through his Spirit that His servants teach people to seek Him out and follow His voice, and that any human being who teaches you to follow them and trust them is a "thief and a robber."  So please, seek out God for yourself, because the day is fast coming when you will not be able to live on borrowed light.

I look forward to sharing more of the things Spirit has taught me over the past 40 years.  You are perfectly welcome to leave comments on this website about anything I've said or posted.  All comments that are made respectfully and in a spirit of brotherhood and love will be approved.  I'm always open to discussion and sharing so we can all grow and learn together. I am now, and always have been, willing to discuss spiritual things with people who don't see things the way I do. So, I'm OK if you see things I don't.  However, I do moderate all comments left on this website and I will block any rude comments, personal attacks or comments that are just critical are not edifying and enlightening.

May God bless us all to be prepared for what lies ahead.


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