Lost Tribes of Israel Books

In my webinar "An Interesting View of Prophecy" I explained that when Old Testament prophets spoke of Israel in the last days they were not referring to the Jews (Judah) as the nation of Israel was composed of what today are known as the "lost ten tribes."  After creating that webinar, I found a series of four books that not only validate this hypothesis, but provide amazing evidence that actually confirms it.  These books, all written by Steven M. Collins, are:

  •     The Origins and Empire of Ancient Israel
  •     Israel's Lost Empires
  •     Parthia: The Forgotten Ancient Superpower and Its Role in Biblical History
  •     Israel's Lost Tribes Today

The author not only does a very good job of explaining the covenants or promises God made to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Israel) concerning their descendants, it also links this into history in an amazing way.  First of all, he provides evidence that the ancient Phoenician empire, which preceded the rise of Greece and Rome as superpowers of the ancient world, was actually the empire founded by Kings David and Solomon and hence, was actually the empire of Israel.  The evidence shows that this great empire founded colonies in Africa, Spain, the British Isles and even the Americas a thousand years before Christ. They even traded with the Oriental nations, which meant that they were truly an international superpower.

When Israel and Judah divided in a civil war after the time of Solomon, the Northern Kingdom Israel, still held preeminence in the ancient world. When they "fell" due to their national sins Israelites fleeing the land of Palestine founded Carthage, which became another great pre-Roman superpower.  In fact, Hannibal, who crossed the Alps to attack Rome, was from the empire of Carthage.  Carthage still had contact with colonies in Europe, other parts of Africa and the Americas.  The Romans and Greeks, where most of our history comes from, knew very little about the rest of the world, because the Phoenicians and later the Carthaginians controlled the straits of Gibraltar, which mean that they were able to keep Greek and Roman ships out of the Atlantic. This was a fulfillment of Biblical prophecy that the children of Israel would posses the "gates of their enemies."

Carthage also became decadent and fell, but another empire founded by the children of the northern tribes of Israel rose to power thereafter.  This empire was known as Parthia and rivaled Rome as an equal power, meaning that the Romans and the Parthian were equally matched.  You don't find that in the history books.  The magi from the East who came to seek out the Christ child were from the empire of Parthia, meaning they were likely kings from the royal house of Judah who were coming to honor and bestow gifts on one of royal blood born in the house of Judah.  There is evidence that the Parthian kings were descendants of king David. He also presents evidence that Jesus visited Parthia and other colonies of Israelites during the 18 years of his life not recorded in the Bible (from age 12 to 30), including the British isles and perhaps even the American colonies.

In the final book, Steven Collins traces these empires to the nations that are there descendants, which include not only the British and Americans, but also the French, Dutch, Germans, Scandinavians, etc.  He makes an interesting case that the French are the descendants of Ruben and the possible location of other "tribes" of Israel as modern nations.  I highly recommend these books.  They really inspired me to search the Bible and study ancient history and geography more. 

These books are available from: www.bibleblessings.net