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American Herbalists Guild

The American Herbalist's Guild (AHG) is a professional association of clinical herbalists dedicated to improving the quality of herbal practice in the United States. They produce a high quality bi-annual journal of botanical medicine and offer an annual symposium for their members.  I am a former president and board member of this organization and really support its goals and mission.  We need to upgrade the standard of practice of herbal medicine in the United States and allow herbalists the ability to practice like massage therapists and accupuncturists. Being a member of the AHG has greatly improved my skills and allowed me to associate with most of the top herbalists in the country. 

General membership is just $60 per year.

Professional membership requires peer review. Our School of Modern Herbal Medicine is developing a Professional Herbal Training Program that is designed to provide professional training to help people meet the standards required for professional AHG membership.

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